Thursday, May 6, 2010

ColorQ Challenge 31

So after last week's color challenge I got a few comments from the ladies over at ColorQ that it was funny that Jeannie dared me to take on the challenge.
So I get this email from Jeannie

IT IS SO ON!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohmygosh - we're almost famous, lol!!! So hun, you know you HAVE TO participate this week too, okie dokie??? HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!!! And don't forget to name me again!! We be partners!!!

I was going what the heck is she talking about. So I head to ColorQ and see this:

I was visitng Christina's blog yesterday & saw that her friend Jeannie had dared her to make something with last week's challenge colors - how cool! So it gave me an idea for a little giveaway... the deets are at the end of the post!...A random player will be chosen to win a new pack of Stampin' Up! designer series paper, Island Oasis. HOWEVER - the twist is, in order to win you have to enlist a buddy to play along this week as well! You & your buddy need to list each other's names in your entry blog post... if one of you is randomly picked to win & we verify your buddy's entry as well - BOTH OF YOU GET A PACK OF PAPER!

So I start laughing ,my husband thinks I have lost it ,and needless to say Jeannie talked me into this again! I mean how could I say no to her? Or the fact that we inspired a great idea?

So this weeks colors are as follows:

My card.....

Close up of glass so you can see the "salted " rim in Dazzlingdiamonds. Ohh ya that rocks.
Now all I need is a beach. Thank you to the royal court at ColorQ for the link and for the chance to win a fabulous-o prize!
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