Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Whip it up Wednesday

OK I know you hate recipes without pictures, but for some reason I never make what I am sharing with you so I never get the chance to take a picture. I promise though this one is yummy, even my kid who HATES Mexican food will eat it.

Christina's Steak quesadillas

3 cube steaks , cut into bite size pieces

1 pkg. of your favorite fajita seasoning

1 pkg. of Mexican shredded cheese

Hormel crumbled bacon bits (use Hormel, if you use hard bacon bits it doesn't taste as good)

8 flour tortillas

Marinade the cube steaks in the mixed fajita seasoning for about 2 hours. Transfer to a skillet and cook until steak is tender and cooked throughly, set aside.

On another skillet , tortilla stone, quesadilla maker , or open flame if you are bold
heat one side of 2 tortillas, this will be the insides of the quesadilla.

On one tortilla layer cheese, 1 tsp. bacon bits, and steak top with other tortilla.
Heat up the outsides until you get a nice golden color appear and the cheese is melted.

cut into 4 triangles and enjoy!

This make an excellent quick lunch as well even if you don't marinade the steak for long. It'll be a bit tougher but still just as good.

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