Friday, April 16, 2010

Warriors come out to play & Finish me fri

In my last post I wrote about the New Kids phenomena & if you know any preteen girl you know the Jonas Brothers are following suit. For my daughter though one of her dreams was to meet the author of her favorite books, the Warrior series.

She found out over a month ago that Erin Hunter would be coming to Austin. She told us and didn't mention it again....until Friday, thru the weekend, Monday, and again on Tuesday, see how this is going huh?

With her dad's erratic schedule we never know when he will be off. Well, she struck gold because not only did he have a short workday , they had a half day at school & we were able to go. She got to met her idol...

It wound up being a very late night and we are dragging this morning because no one wants to be up. LOL I am so happy we were able to do this for her though. Her autograph collection is slowly growing. ( She got to meet Nick Jonas at school back in October! AGGGGHHHHH!)

As for me, that challenge last week must have lit a fire under my behind. I managed to get 5 pages done this week. This is a special Finish it Friday because...I AM FINISHED WITH MICHELLE'S 2007 ALBUM! (GO ME! GO ME!)

This layout is from our trip to Vegas on daddy's R&R . This is where her dad and I are from. However, this is the first time she had been back since her birth there. It was also the first time we really did any of the touristy stuff so it was a great trip!

This layout is a picture of her 1st makeover at Libby Lu , a girls makeover store that has since gone out of business. My girls loved going there and we did it a couple other times for holidays.

Her first experience with anything karate. My daughter is so uncoordinated that this was a shock to me that she even wanted to do this.
This layout is of a huge snow storm we got the day after Thanksgiving in El Paso. It was such a huge shock to our system that we had so much snow that day, but wow did we have fun.

Here's hoping your weekend finds you busy with all the things you love to do. As for us we are all getting sick and I plan on using the weekend to re cooperate.

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