Friday, April 30, 2010


Well I don't have a thing to show you for Finish it Friday. I knew I should have spaced out my layouts. Ohh well I do want to take you on a trip though. A trip to our past. I was reading in one of my BlogFrog communities and there's a discussion on what do you remember from your childhood. This took me back .I was a child of the 80's so let's share some fun.

The first thing I always remember doing as a kid is going out and buying colorful paper clips and using them to make earrings. and they had to reach your past your shoulder. Who started this and why is beyond me but I loved IT!
How about the COKE Clothing craze? I had a shirt and a swatch watch that I lost in a pool. I was so sad when I lost that thing. OHHH Look they have the exact same one on ebay. See I can by me a new one! YEAAAA! I tried to get the picture but it wouldn't let me.

Remember these?

LA GEAR BABY! I think those were the most comfortable high tops I ever owned and brought to you by the came company...the Michael Jackson shoes.

My favorite perfume.....

The wonderful styles of banana clips!
I still remember the commercials for this one...a kid is sitting in the hall with all his papers hanging out talking to his organized friend asking how does he do it? the kid whips out his trapper keeper and shows how easy it is. Little did they tell you ,ya your papers are still gonna be a mess.

Remember the Doubling of the socks to match your outfits? All scrunched up over your stretch pants that were with a big shirt with a huge belt at your waist? Or your trusty charm belt? (or maybe your pegged Jordache jeans paired with a hypercolor tee tied in a knot at the side?)Looking fly in your jelly and slap bracelets? These proudly displayed on your shoes?
While your hair was teased and Aquanetted to the gods and you had on your makeup topped of with COLORED mascara? (my favorite was purple of course)

then my friends and I would try to figure out the best story line from these...

Choose your own adventure books!(They still have these I tried to get my kids to get one so I could read it. They wouldn't have it) or reading these till my eyeballs fell out...

So leave me a comment what do you remember about your childhood?

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