Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finish it Friday

Well I did it, One full week of projects. I am so proud of myself because it has been forever since it seems like that I did anything!

Monday I decided to make a picture box for my Mother-in-Law. She is so awesome and I am horrible about getting pictures sent to her. So I figured let's start there.This is the inside all empty waiting to be filled.
Hey don't judge me. If I was going to get a whole weeks worth of projects in I couldn't print pics.
Tuesday I was dreading scrapping. I have not been in a groove for so long that I know I am going to be rusty . Then I miscalculated the number of pages Michelle had left in her 07 album so I had to start from the end of the year and go back to the fourth of July. So I made a Christmas page.

I really like my Cricut now that I am playing with it more! The journaling box , background and title is from the Storybook cartridge. Talk about one stop shopping!

For Wednesday I did the card I posted that day because Bridgett Challenged me to do a sketch and post it that day.

Thursdays page is one if everyone's favorite Christmas tradition of cookie baking.

I don't know if your sick of hearing about it but I am tired off talking about it! Chris' homecoming from his deployment. Don't worry guys ,I only have one more album to add these to and you will not have to look at these pictures again!
And that's the completed week!
I'm exhausted.... No ,not really. I find myself already looking forward to the next page, but seeing as it's so late as I write this, I am thinking I should go to bed.

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