Monday, March 1, 2010

Tuneful Tuesdays

This song has rubbed me wrong since the day it came out. Ughh it annoys me. I only recently saw the video because my husband was watching Jumpstart on VH-1 and it came on. It grates his nerves too but he left it on and so I bared through it.
I laughed my butt off.
First of all , the Danny Zuko wanna be leader singer....I mean really? Come on.
(For those of you who are saying Who is Danny Zuko? Think John Travolta in Grease)
Then there is a part in the song where he says I'm so gangster, I'm a thug. All to the sugary sweetness of teen pop? Really guy? Really?.....
Ohh so I had to share because this truly causes laughter in my house now.

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