Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life is crazy

Well life here has been a bit on the crazy side.

We stopped having birthday parties per say when the girls were 6 and 7 because Michelle's always falls during spring break and kyla's during summer which are big travel and moving times in the military so friends are never around or have moved.

One year we did do parties and we just had them early. The kids loved it and apparently miss having parties because they requested it again this year.

I am one of those crazy moms who likes to make decorations and everything memorable so I have been hard at work making stuff for Michelle's party who decided on a safari theme.
I made the invites (which mental me I forgot to take pictures of) and I made a Happy Birthday banner. I will share those pictures with you later.
Well we are doing a sleepover and we sent out 5 invites and somehow we have 10 kids coming tomorrow.
I get a bit stressed trying to find the perfect accessories for a party, thinking of cake ideas , and fun things for kids to do, looking for gift bag ideas and the lovely army threw a wrench into the plans and told Chris he has to go to Arkansas for a month. He left Tuesday.

Long story but bare with I am getting to the point.

It was his idea to give Michelle a cell phone. (I agreed because after the shooting incident I have become somewhat of a worry wart.) My way of thinking it was only fair he be here to see the reaction of his daughter when she received the gift she has been after for 2 years, so she got her present on Sunday. I wanted to share her reaction with everyone and you will be seeing more birthday posts from me so as not to confuse the world this is the reason behind the long story.

We will be celebrating her 3 times this March Sunday when she got her gifts from us, Friday when she shares with her friends and on the 15th her Actual birthday when she opens her gifts from her grandparents.

Sorry for the shaking at times but I was laughing while recording and it couldn't be helped.

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