Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuneful Tuesdays

This weeks video is dedicated to my darling husband even when he is pushing my buttons (like this weekend when we were taking down decorations) he is the one that helps me out of my deepest funks. I had one Friday as I always do when my son returns to his dad. Sending him away just makes me question my ability to be a good mom to him. It also punches a hole right in the ole heart!
Chris will do whatever he can to make me feel better from making me act silly to singing me goofy songs ( you saw the video of him making my birthday cake right?) to making me dance to a song I can't stand. Even when he is deployed to far off places he can sense when I am having a bad day and calls. You can not ask for a better connection then that, so without any more grand standing this weeks song is Uncle Kracker's Smile! I love you babe Thanks!

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