Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuneful Tuesday

My dear friend Corinna has been on my mind all week. Some of my best times ever were spent with her. Overtime you will be reading and getting a taste of some European music as I do memories about her. Love it or hate it , but I never said you would like all my songs now did I?
Well one thing about my lovely friend is she has been obsessed with Robbie Williams since he was in a European boyband called Boyzone. Think New Kids on the block of Europe. She even has a special way of saying his name. Everytime I hear a song by him I can not help but hear her saying it.
Maybe you have heard of Robbie Williams , maybe you haven't. But this week's song is one of his best I have heard and I am pretty sure it is known worldwide not just Europe.
Corinna, I miss you like hell. Our walks, our talks and the crazy times.
You will be in my heart forever!

Robbie Williams - Angels

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