Friday, January 29, 2010

Orange you glad

Join in the fun over at Yaya's by posting a plethora of pictures in your favorite color and linking by clicking the button above.

While looking through better homes and gardens on the web at scrapbook rooms, I came across some lovelies that I just had to share ,talk about pleasant dreams.

I am just loving the wallpaper back there ,then the deep royal purples of the lamp and divider.
Here is a close up of that wonderful chandelier. OHHH I need it. Where I will put it I just don't know. But I need it.

Loving the rug and vases here.

ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! I think I need to remodel my room and live on the beach cuz this makes my heart go pitter patter! The natural lighting must be FABBBBBBBUlous. The wall color DIVINE!
UGH why can't we be stationed in Hawaii?

Also YaYa graciously handed me this pretty bloggy award.
Now I need to list 10 things about me...

1. I used to do the live acting in the Rocky Horror picture show. It wasn't big , I was a trannie.

2. I am allergic to licorice. I break out in hives.

3. I used to be a cheerleader. Hard to imagine huh?

4. More then anything in the world I want to live in Australia. I have been fixated since I was 8 years old. Then I found out Rick Springfield was Australian. That clinched it for me.
5. I want to become a marine biologist. I love the study of of aquatic animals. I love DOLPHINS. And yes i am one of those weirdos that is willing to spend 300 dollars to swim with them!
6. When I was about 5 I wanted to be a nun.
7. That changed when I said I wanted 14 kids! LOL I have 3 I stopped!

8. I have been to Disneyland, Disney World, and Disneyland Paris. I only have Hong Kong Disney to go!
9. I am addicted to the ultimate cake off show on the food channel. Those people work well under pressure!

10. Once I wake up from bed in the morning I can not go back to bed even for a nap, unless I am really ill. I have stayed out till 6 am and get up at 8 am and not take a nap .This stems from my dads military life and him waking us up no later then 8 am even in weekends telling us we are wasting the day sleeping. Even as teens we were not allowed to sleep. To this day i don't understand how people can sleep so much. Thanks DAD!
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