Friday, November 6, 2009

Still struggling with this

On any normal day here on Fort Hood traffic is outragous trying to get my kids school. Today for such a big post it looked dead. What is normally a 15 -25 min drive to the elementary school took about 8 min. There are soldiers with guns guarding entrances and the amount of press around this morning was incredible.
My family didn't get home until 8 pm last night. I was a nervous wreck till I had them home. Poor Kyla had to deal with psycho mom last night.
I am still in shock .It was hard to send my family out today. I know in my head the chance of something like this happening 2 days in a row is slim to none , but it was still hard.
We need answers. We need to know how someone who is not only supposed to lead the soldiers under him , but care for others mental health could commit such a heinous act. To know he caught the attention of authorities 6 months ago for intenet postings makes us all wonder why did they not have this guy many many questions.
Please pray for the families here that lost loved ones and thank you for all the well wishes.

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