Sunday, November 22, 2009

So I went to go see....

yesterday. I think it stuck a little closer to the book this time around. The way they made the wolves look was awesome, so true to how you would picture their size in the book. I loved the werewolves. I said it once and I will say it again. Jacob rocks.
I was slightly let down that they didn't show the development of Jacob more. They only brushed over his distrust of Sam and his friendships with Quil and Embry. Plus his relationship with Bella. Now I know the movie was already 2 hours long but they could have really done more with it.
Then there was the Volturi. I pictured that whole scene to be a bit darker. Like artificial light and sewer type dwellings. Plus more vampires milling about. I think they nailed the characters down , it was just the actual scene I was disappointed in.
Ohh and if you have read the book my big beef with it is Charlie. He didn't act fatherly at all. It was more like he was interested in being bellas friend then her father.
I had an awesome time listening to the reaction of the people around me though. Like when Jake first removes his shirt, The gasps of swooning that radiated from the audience of teen girls was so funny.
All and all it wasn't a bad movie, pretty good in fact if you are a twilight fan. It won't disappoint. But I think with the other movies they so need to go the length of Waterworld or something, just to let the scenes come together a bit more.
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