Friday, November 13, 2009

Orange you glad?

My bloggy friend Yaya loves orange. Anything orange and every Saturday she host a orange you glad its Saturday post. While she knows not everyone has a tendency to love orange (though she believes we all should!), she encourages us to share bit of our favorite color from the week .

Well Everyone knows my fav. color is PURPLE. so here are some fun purple images I thought I would share this week.

Converse and purple and black funky striped stockings. Right up my ally! I wish I could be a teen again to get away with it .
Look at these beautiful yummy purple flowered cupcakes. I think I need to go take a cake decorating class so I can make things as beautiful as this!
I love me some babydoll shoes. I started wearing them when I was about 10 and still own a pair. The most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. Mine are not purple and definitely not satin, but I would love to own these in a size 9 for Christmas........HUNNY HINT HINT!
Hope your Saturday will be rockin' and if you happen to find more purple images email them to me I would love to share them on a Saturday!

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