Monday, October 26, 2009

What a weekend

This is what my sky looked like yesterday, and below is the view of the playground from my upstairs back balcony. The weather is just one of the many crazy things this weekend..
My girls have not been good at making friends and when we moved on post here I didn't think it would be any different. Boy was I wrong. So Fri night I told them friends could stay over. That began my frustration...I wasn't told I was gonna play taxi, I wasn't told I would have 6 screaming girls all night... I wasn't told one has an attitude problem..I wasn't told one of the girls was going to have to stay until her mom got off of work at 6 pm on sat...I wasn't told they would get into my craft supplies...I wasn't told they would not leave until 3 pm on sat.
Needless to say my Sat was shot so I took my girls to the library to go get some new books because Michelle read her last batch in like 3 days. OK no biggie well they found craft books....enter frustration Sun.
I had to do my laundry because I couldn't get the girls to seperate their laundry sat , they were busy {groan} . Michelle wanted to make a stuffed cat from a craft book. Well I had no felt but I did have fabric so she draw a pattern ,cut it out ,we get everything sewn on the face and she starts to stitch the tail. I only had batting no stuffing and the fabric began to rip. UGHHHHHH so off to walmart we go.Get what we need come home to start all over again, all while trying to get laundry done, my computers cleaned up(hubbys bright idea, he helped when he remembered he was doing something while playing xbox), cooking lunch, and helping kyla make a pumpkin banner from her book.
Anyway about 9 Sun night we finish the cats...
this one is Kyla's. She drew the designs and wanted a matching mouse.
This is Michelle's. This was her idea from her craft book and poor Kyla took over. She wanted a black cat but no black felt at walmart.
this is Kyla's banner.

Funny thing was I have an idea for a of the easel ones out there. I have had it all weekend. So my kids knew mom was feeling crafty and decided to take advantage of it. Ohh well maybe I can get to it sometime this week.
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