Friday, October 23, 2009

This years mix....

We did it again. We had so much fun making last years monster cupcakes that we made another batch.

Now to show some of our favorites .This is Chris' squished bug and my spider in her web. I messed up my web but my family loved it!

This one is Michelle's werewolf. Love the red eyes.
This is the 1 eyed 1 horned flying purple people eater. Kyla said daddy it's not purple. His reply well who said he was purple? Maybe he just eats purple people? And he wonders where they get it from...
Don't remember what I was taking a picture of here maybe the weird 4 eyed thing ?

I rather like this one I got the genius idea to use fruit rolls to make my mummy. Then Chris dashed my hopes by saying hey no seseme street monsters.

Chris said he wins for the spookiest cupcake...a bill!

I love him I really do LOL!
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