Thursday, October 29, 2009

Christina's happy things

My friend Jeannie was in a swap at Swap bot and the plan was to list 100 things that make you happy. Well she challenged us on her blog here to do the same. I think this is a great idea because as we list things we see how really blessed we here we go the

100 things that make Christina happy list
  1. God's love
  2. My family
  3. a smile
  4. a phone call from a friend
  5. getting happy mail
  6. reading
  7. clean sheets
  8. the smell of clean laundry
  9. thunder storms
  10. finding the perfect gift for someone
  11. scrapbooking
  12. cardmaking
  13. a kiss
  14. a good movie
  15. playing games
  16. a good cry
  17. the sound of my childrens laughter
  18. the color purple
  19. new clothes
  20. new stamps
  21. a great hair day
  22. dr pepper
  23. halloween
  24. the feeling of wind in my hair
  25. a good picture of me
  26. falling in love with my husband all over again
  27. laughing till i cry
  28. watching my kids accomplish something that was frustrating them
  29. rocky mountain candy's frozen chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick
  30. a hot shower after a long day
  31. great music
  32. my barbie collection
  33. my tatty teddy collection
  34. anything disney
  35. driving on a pretty road
  36. dancing
  37. the memories I have with my friends
  38. finding something I want is on sale
  39. oreo ice cream
  40. snow
  41. seeing someone I love do something outstanding
  42. swimming
  43. rollercoasters
  44. shopping with a good friend
  45. going on vacation
  46. listening to my children singing
  47. christmas music
  48. hearing a song that brings back great memories
  49. a beautiful sunset
  50. being myself and knowing people love me anyway
  51. the beach
  52. paydays
  53. an unexpected gift
  54. knowing someone really understands
  55. a surprise visit from a friend
  56. sunflowers
  57. helping a friend solve a problem
  58. huge family bonfires
  59. German christmas markets
  60. sitting outside in perfect weather with a book
  61. figuring out the words to a song
  62. putting on warm comfy pjs after a cold day
  63. knowing i have great friends
  64. singing
  65. sleeping
  66. hearing my alarm go off and realizing I can go back to sleep
  67. being outright goofy with my family
  68. the smell of a freshly cleaned house
  69. the feeling you get the moment you know someone will be your friend for life no matter what
  70. the feeling you get when you help someone understand something they didn't get before
  71. watching old family movies
  72. dolphins
  73. elmo
  74. seeing the beautiful colors of trees in fall
  75. carving pumpkins
  76. monster cupcakes
  77. learning something i never knew how to do before
  78. a day at the park
  79. knowing my car will be paid off soon
  80. bath and body works green tea cucumber anything
  81. bubble baths
  82. losing a few pounds
  83. someone telling me i look nice today
  84. the smell of cranberry apple tea colonial at home candles
  85. baking something my family loves
  86. argyle patterns
  87. converse tennis shoes
  88. vans shoes
  89. archie comics
  90. a new recipes my family will eat
  91. hearing and saying I love you
  92. anything with a cupcake on it
  93. knowing my husband is watching a show i like and he starts to like it as well
  94. the food network cake shows ,now thats art
  95. getting good news
  96. seeing my grandma
  97. planning a fun day out
  98. finding money in a purse/ pocket/jacket you thought you cleaned out
  99. the first sip of the first peppermint mocha of the christmas season
  100. curling up under he blankets with my husband every night.

well there it is 100 things that put a smile on my face. Now in doing this I realize my readers don't really know me too well. That comes from me having too many walls for people to break through. So here is a once in a life time chance. For 2 weeks you can ask me any question you'd like. You can leave it in my comments or if you prefer you can email me a list by going to my profile and emailing me from there. I will then compile them into a post or 2 depending on how many questions are asked. so start thinking on it and I look forward to seeing them.

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