Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween weekend

How was everyone's holiday weekend? As you can see I didn't blog because my weekend started on Friday morning , was super crazy, but fun. And surprise surprise I didn't take my camera. So I have no cute pictures of the girls to share. Bad scrapbook mommy.
Did you see any creative costumes? On Fri my hubby and I saw adult soldiers dressed as the teletubbies! YES THE TELETUBBIES! We laughed so hard at that. Then of course micheal Jackson and James brown.
Then when at the Boozaar on Sat. I saw an awesome stormtrooper costume and the one that made my heart skip a beat.. Micheal Myers. Give me any other Horror creature but OY that man gives me nightmares.
Well it's now Monday and of course we have Amber over at {aefilkins} Friend making Monday.
And of course the question is ...
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
And here is my yummy answer

When out and about I never select these candies on a normal basis but for some reason Halloween makes them sooooo much better.
How about you? What does your sweet tooth CRAVE when the kiddos come home?

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