Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still limping around...

Thank you guys for the well wishes. I seem to be on the mend but (as anyone who knows me well) this sitting around is driving me crazy. I feel better, move around for a day, and when I go to bed at night my ankle screams at me. Or better yet the kids think I should be bettr already and kick, hit or jump on the ankle and say ooops mom sorry I forgot. Attention spans of gnats I tell you.
But it hasn't been all bad I have gotten some good mail goodies!
This first set is from Jeannie, who by the way has only been stamping for like what 4 months? and does some amazing work. So check out her blog you will see them there on occasion*giggle*.

This picture does not do the pp justice. There is some leaf pp that will make a great non-traditional colored Thanksgiving or fall card.

Love this congrats set from SU! I don't have any so I am sure this will be used...a lot.

The baggie is full of ribbon and flowers and other small goodies. and the pink coconut is a cup that had candy, but its not in the picture because well my monkey saw the cup, yanked out the candy , filled it up and took off upstairs all while singing " you put the lime in the coconut" And while I was telling Cynthia this story on the phone she butts in Ya mom , I AM a monkey and they are TROPICAL you know. (insert sarcasm on am and tropical) She's a character like her dad. This is the awesome get well card Jeannie sent in the box. The colors are off due to weather but it is awesome and matches my new purple room well! Thanks so much for the pick me up Jeannie!
This I got in the mail too as a belated birthday card from my SBS sister Karyn. I love it and it is so glittery . She does some amazing work as well. Thanks Karyn!
See I can't just sit still so here's a new addition to my room . A make shift ribbon holder~ see the loose ribbon on the left? That's all the ribbon that fit in Jeannie's baggie!

These are what small crafting I have done and to be honest I only kinda helped , mainly with the punching and cutting. (this is how I know I can't scrap a few hours of detail cutting and man was my ankle mad.) My Girls are in a pen pal group and they are having a 4x6 school picture swap. Its supposed to have a picture and include something about the girls and their likes. This is what they came up with...

Ohh I did the background paint too.
So as you can see I am trying to get craft time in , its just taking me a long time to get anything done. Well I am also half way through a new scarf for Michelle and I have advanced considerably on my facebook games! Ohh and when there's nothing else good on TV let me tell you the History channel is a good time filler. I think I now know more about Nostradomus (?) then I ever have before and even know when he and other cultures think the world is gonna end.
Yup see I'm bored!

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