Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scripture Challenge week 35-lead(ing God's)

Decisions , choices we all have them. But who do you turn to when the BIG ones need to be made. Yes you discuss it with someone. Spouse? BF? That comes from our human need for instant gratification. I am a huge one for instant gratification. But we really should stop be still and know where God may be trying to lead us. He let's us know in time where we should be. Just think of Moses , God led him from death as an infant, God led him to where he was to be cared for, God led him to learn the truth , and God led him to be leader of the slaves of Eygpt. If moses had not listened and chose his own path ...which he really wanted at times, he would not have been so blessed to know God on a personal level. Trust His path for you.

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