Friday, September 11, 2009


I am at a loss at what to say about today it's been 8 years, and 2 deployments since that fatal day. We lived overseas in Germany. My friend was moving into temp housing to fly back to the states ,she stayed at my house until 1 pm when her family could check into lodging. Overseas being 6 hours ahead of the east coast we didn't get the today show until 1. I turned it on to relax until Ryan who was in 1st grade came home. I remember watching the second plane hit. I knew in my heart right then and there Chris would not be home that evening as planned. His unit was in the field. I knew it was not IF we go to war it was when would my husband leave me to go. I even remember thinking my dad might get called back into serve again as he was only 9 years retired .

Then I heard about the Pentagon.

My dad works for a company that does gov contracts. He was on a trip recently so it was a very
real possiblity of him flying or being around the pentagon. I remember being scared but calm until I heard he was ok. I broke down hard and cried.

The next week or so was surreal. Post was on serious lockdown. We had soldiers with guns riding school buses with our kids.

I told you where I was on that fatal day and would love to hear your story. Where were you that day?

On a personal note I want to tell Cynthia I love her with all my heart. Her husband got deployed for the second time yesterday because of what happened today. I know shes feeling numb and lost. My heart and prayers are with her and will be for the next 12- 18 months.

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