Thursday, September 10, 2009

HI YA'll

I am sitting here at my desk , breaking my husbands in house arrest to let you guys know I am injured. About 2 years ago I hurt my heel on a trampoline and while it healed I now have heel spurs. After a lot of walking I start to limp. Well since we moved 2 months ago my ankle has been hurting as well off and on depending on my limp. I figured ok its because I am compensating for the heel. Well its traveling up my calf muscle. Again I am think compensating. Well Monday morning I wake up and yell as soon as I try to stand. So I stay off it all day Mon. well by the end of the day it looks like I have a growth on my ankle by the bone that sticks out it is so swollen. I did go to the doctor Tuesday and I was told to stay the hell off it! So since Monday I was told by my husband if I move from the couch or my bed without elevating my foot, he's gonna yell at me. Well its still swollen but the pain is not as bad so he said I can go anywhere now as long as I am sitting. Punk I stand when I craft... Needless to say it may be a few more days till I have something new to show you guys in that department. So I will be back off and on, just no fun stuff to share.

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