Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scripture challenge 31 -Choice

I really love this verse , to me it is speaking of everlasting life. Life we choose to get by following the Lord. We are not here by mistake..NONE of us. We are here by God's choosing. Just like He chose Adam and Eve, like He chose Mary to be the mother of His only son. Being chosen by God to be here is a high honor filled with love , hope and happiness if we CHOOSE to take it. It's all about our choices we make that leads us to everlasting life and a happy life here on earth. I can not say I have always chosen the right things. I haven't I still struggle with a certain personal decision I made a long time ago before I wanted to believe in God. I still wonder if those choices will keep me from having that everlasting life. But as I said before I know the Lord hasn't given up hope for me yet. It's all about the choices I make now.
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