Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A 3 hr tour and a dream

The Dream

See not so pretty as I would like. The photo above is what my craft area looks like coming in from the hallway.
So starting from the left there you can see the side of my shelf, Here are the top 2 shelvesholdng precious things to me.
The third shelf here holds all my cattys ,my babywipes for stamp cleaning, the red jar holds ribbon on clothes pins, my dazzling diamonds and mini beads in the plastic containers, the blue tin holds gel pens.
The fourth shelf has my deco scissors, more ribbon my Basic Grey Notch & Die tool. the basket holds rub-ons and the blue bucket holds buttons, and small embellishments.

As you can see shelf no. 5 holds some acrylic stamps in binders, ribbon and flowers galore and my coluzzle and templates that go with it.
Shelf 6 is my sponges used for distressing my paper see amber I use them, and my meager collection of tac stamps and my even fewer Magnolias.
The bottom shelf are my binders that hold stencils, tutorials I print off the internet , my stamp book where I stamp out my stamp sets so I know what I have before I go digging, and various other items.

Here is the computer corner where I sit and type this for you now.
Next to my computer desk is this dresser that holds my die tools on top.
Drawer 1 holds swap items you can see chritmas tags and cards there. fabric for my quilting, yes my weight band I use it for sparkpeople videos on the net., and easter grass that I use to stuff items with.
Drawer 2 is lamination, clipboards, my homemade Christmas ornaments, and a box of my kids stamps.
Drawer 3 Cricut cartridges, spill trays, glue gun, & heat gun.
Last drawer contains a box of sewing supplies , paint brushes, clothes pins, a plate my daughter uses for painting and a gift box. Not sure why that's there but ok.

in the corner by the window is a small shelf the top holds the last three months of all my craft subscriptions, all my ink , chalk , watercolor crayons and pencils, and a container that holds all my embellishments by color.
the small shelf is some to my most used punches glitter, eyelets, sharpies and a basket of sketches and ideas I ripped from magazines.
Next are my idea books and a basket of more embellishments. and The last shelf there are all my scrapbook magazines from the last ohhh 5 years. LOL I will not part with them and yes they are a pain to move. And as you know I move A LOT! Biggest complaint my hubby has about moving.
MY Table. I need a solid table,this one has way to much give when I stamp.

In one corner there is my holders of scissors , craft knifes, and tools. Plus as you can see more embellishments and pens that I heard you should store flat and until i get what I want to hold them they lie there.
other corner holds my markers , a sketch book, small white scraps for stamping 6x6 paper and stamped images people have sent me , the basket holds adhesives , a stapler, stamp cleaning pad and spray, and LOL apparently a big ole piece of brown scrap paper. Again No idea why but hey.

under my table is my file folder of scraps, the recycle bin and sewing machine.
Next to my table is a sterilite drawer set. On top is a basket of alphabet stickers, and more embellishments..I promise I know what is where. It just seems disorganized. Ohh rulers are also in there. A sunflower planter that holds wood mounted stamps, and more containers for loose embellishments from swaps.
the drawers that hold my su stamps and stamping tools.
These drawers contain big flowers, chipboard and foam stamps.
My Messy closet open and seeing as the left is just random storage
the right side of the closet holds card stock, paper packs, the red containers have my metal alphabets, sorted by letters, the blue one holds small punches, and the photobox where I store my cards after they are made.
more paper I have no put up. I need more vertical paper holders, my red box of fibers and yes more ribbon, my old xyron, rub-ons still in the package on a ring. the basket has the huge 12x12 scraps that won't fit in the file. then at the bottom of my closet is a 12x12 file folder with pattern paper , a tote , the red and blue container holds all my paint and embossing powders, the blue plastic file folder holds all my stickers seperated by theme and season, the black bag holds an embossing template and its stencils.
There you have it my room in a nutshell. I have been thinking about an over haul. I wanted purple from the get go. See when I chose the red and blue it was because I could not find purple anything anywhere. Now It is everywhere. Have you seen the amount of purple containers at walmart?
I hope you enjoyed looking through my mess of a room and remember the dream is the goal!
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