Sunday, May 31, 2009


Recognize this guy?....
How about now?.....Or now?.....
I know most of you will remember this guy.....Lieutenant Dan Yup we went to go watch Gary Sinise and the LT. Dan Band perform a concert on Ft. Hood for the troops on sat. I honestly did not know he had a band. And talk about a fluke, I lost my ID card (gasp I know) and so I hadn't been on post in a month and when Chris and I were out doing errands Fri. they called and said he had to come in for something. When we drove by the hospital the sign read Welcome Gary Sinise. I turned to darling hubby and said (ok yelled) YOU DIDN'T TELL ME HE WAS COMING! (I love everything this man has ever acted in.) I get told ohhh ya well I have guard that night anyway. Instant buzz kill (stupid army) so I was telling darling Cynthia (HI HUN MISS YOU!) about it and how mad I was ,I was gonna miss it and she said look up the date on the internet. HA HA they were playing sat night not SUN WHICH MEANT I COULD GO ! (PARTY PARTY PARTY) We spent all day there and partied and jammed to slammin music till 9:30 (what animals we are!) The girls loved thier first concert and loved that they got to see Mack from CSI ( Kyla is a huge fan ..odd for a 9 year old girl if you ask me). Ok that being said I am tired from the day and going to bed PEACE OUT GUYS!
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