Thursday, June 11, 2009

a little playtime

2006 started the love of my littlest pet shop in my house. I have a cat lover and a dog lover (explains the fights). Our collection has grown to astronomical proportions in the last 3 years and now my Michelle has decided no more, time to give up the toys. I have, I am not kidding you ,a large moving box full of pets , and houses and accessories. I have no where to place them because Goodwill no longer accepts toys. Any hoo, I really wanted to do a layout capturing something that was near and dear to Michelle for years. Her last official kid toy obsession. I hope this will stay in her memories forever , her love of these things. I also know one day as an adult she will ask where are all my littlest pet shop toys. Maybe I should keep them for grandkids...HMMMMM?
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