Sunday, May 24, 2009

What's your status?

OK today I am writing a post about something that has bugged me for about a month now. I just really want to see what others think about this.
A month ago I saw on yahoo an article about a family who made 260,000 a year and was feeling targeted by the President's new tax proposal to raise taxes for people who make more then 250,00o a year. I wish I could now locate the article but I can't. Anyway they were saying they only consider themselves middle class because after putting money into savings, 401 k's , paying their $4000 mortage, tithing like $2000 a month to their church , paying car payments, bills , groceries etc they have ONLY 1,200 a month left. I was like what are you serious? That's pretty much half a months pay for us before we pay anything, let alone have any money to put in savings, 401 ks and titheing. I mean with an extra 1,200 a month I could put money in savings , get a second car, and still get everything my kids the stuff they need. Ok so it's been bugging me for a bit when things really stress me out in this house and I think about it.
Then Fri. night I was watching Oprah and low and behold it was about classes in America. It was eye opening to see how upper middle class and lower upper class veiw people in lower middle and poverty class. Then it happened they lost their incomes and slid in class. They see it as shameful and embarassing that they could no longer afford highlights and nail appointments. The "expert" that was on was saying that this recession will be over soon that we shouldn't worry. I have to say though that it's been opening
some peoples eyes. The people that were making that income , one being a reporter that was making 250,000 (who by the way had the veiw of how do people get in debt and have no saving get in that position? and is now making what our family makes a year) say that wow they realize how their view of classes were distorted. Many lost their friends because they no longer had status. They had to trade the mercedes in for a hyndai.
I am glad people are realizing that hey values are important not status and money. But I have to ask myself if the recession does end soon will people remember that? It's like 9/11 people were helping people everyone was united. It lasted a year before it went back to "normal". So if they make the incomes they were making before will they emember what it was like to be a lower class? Will they begin to have the misconception that people in lower classes have no education , no drive , and no ambition to better them selves like they had before? I mean someone has to clean , wash and do the thankless jobs in america.
What's your take on class and what's happening with the recession? Do you think that the gap between the lower and upper classes are wideing? Do you feel like you have slipped in class?
While I don't feel like we have slipped in class I do feel the pinch. Our money is not going as far as it used to , but we are blessed hubbster has a job he can't lose, we get guarenteed paychecks, health care , and housing. No we don't have ANY expendable cash in the month, but we are ok and in the long run that's what matters.

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