Monday, May 25, 2009

StampTACular Tuesday ~What's cooking good lookin'?

Another fun Tuesday project with Bridgett and I, so let's get started.
I never know what's for diner in this house till the last minute. Don't get me wrong I have menus planned out I just never follow what I am gonna make on any given day. I am sure you asking what does that have to do with TAC and stamping right? Well let me show you....
This is my cute little recipe card holder for your kitchen so your cards aren't laying on your counter! Just to show you the size I inserted a 4 x 51/2 inch card into the holder so you can get the general idea of the size!
I wanted to add ribbon to the clips but thought they might get in the way when trying to read a recipe card. This was made using TACs cha cha designer paper and the happiness is from the TAC set abundance is.

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