Sunday, March 8, 2009

Contraband is a good thing right?

So as you noticed(or maybe not) I took the weekend off of blogging. I needed to recharge my batteries and just veg. I am now hooked on America's Next Top Model marathons on Bravo. How sad That I got sucked in.
So in going with todays title here I am with my contraband item. I am such a loser right? I wanted the new NKOTB cd for Christmas and hubby said Santa does not condone NKOTB. I asked for it for my anniverery and I got I would give it to you when I wanted a divorce. I asked for Valentine's Day he said are you trying to tell me you hate me not love me.
So he's gone for an extended amount of time. So I bought it and I will hide it in my craft room and listen to it to my hearts content while crafting. He will never know. I will say this though it brings back memories of buying that first cd with bad words in it that you hid from your parents!
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