Saturday, February 21, 2009

SBS 24 Challenge #21 summer

Ok this is a special post for all the ladies about my creative process. It does not always come easy for me and I often get I don't believe that for a min. So here is the progression of cards I was not happy with ,then the end result which I am still not sure about.
So here is I think the third try at this card, I had other versions which were really bad and I dind't save to my computer . Sorry guys. I got this image of 5 bikinis in a row that I really wanted to use from Bridgett. Ok not good enough so I try to add ribbon.......too much? try 4
Remove ribbon and cut down words so they aren't taking up much space. Now it still looks to plain, needs color, needs pattern paper right? But where? try # 5
ok add wave of pp but needs a border behind it to help it stand out tuck in 2 of the words because I really like them. Nope PP was way too much. and still not enough color Try #6

Here is try #7 and end result, I ditched the pp added colors and remembered I had summer buttons in my stash. Better but still not 100% happy with it, but sick of looking at it so I am done. Note to self do not buy stamps you know you will not be able to find a use for.

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