Friday, January 2, 2009

Some fun stuff

The ladies over at The secret is in the sauce are giving away a Kreuig coffee brewing system along with $50 dollars of free "cups" that go along with it. Check it out here.

Sister Wendy Left me this cute little blog award! I love it and thank her so much for honoring me. The conditions are simple so here they are.
1. to link back to the blogger who gave you the award.(check)
2. List 5 things you are addicted to.
3. Pass to 5 bloggers who inspire you.
Okay here goes 5 things I am utterly obsessed about
1. Crafting - I have lost the mojo here recently LOL ok who am i kidding its going on 2 and a half years. But I really do love it. As long as I am busy with my hands it gives me a sense of accomplishment.
2. Reading- as you ladies can tell when I neglect my blog, give me a good book and I am lost and will not put it down till I finish. If it grabs my attention I will read it.
3. picture frames- I love frames. I have them in every room on every surface in my house.
4. shopping- definitely one female gene I inherited.
5. the color purple- purple is the color of royalty , magic ,and mystery. It also is symbolic of people who are searching for spiritual fulfillment. LOL I am sure people who know me well are laughing now because I am sure they are thinking of my sci fi love, my fantasy love, my complaints of needing to be independantly wealthy , and the fact I am curious of others religions.
So I am going to break one rule here and pass this lovely arward to all my followers. So if your a follower this is for you! If your not what are you holding out for?

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