Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scripture challenge

I know this is a bit hard to see. It is another 6x6 album I am doing for a scripture challenge I came across on the Triple the scraps blog. I am also doing this with Amber and Bridgett so please check out their blogs and see their lovely creations.
This weeks word was faith. The top of the journaling holds the definition of faith and three relating scriptures. the bottom part contains feelings I have about what I have learned.
This word seems to be resonating a lot with me lately as I have chosen it as my 09 word to so much relating to spiritual faith , but faith in everything else around me. Or so I thought. I learned that without faith in the Lord I simply cannot have faith in everything else. My need for Him has to absolutely come first, I knew that. But I think knowing and actually having that FAITH are very different things.
I was not happy coming here to Killeen. I have not been my normal socializing self. I couldn't understand why. I figured I was just bitter. Now I think that isn't the reason at all. I think I need this time to strengthen my relationship with Him before I allow the drama in life to unfold. Its a healing time. I will be better because of this. Now if my heart and feelings could just get a grasp of that I think I will be ok.

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