Friday, January 30, 2009

I have fallen..and am trying to get back up

Wow I have fallen behind on my pre scheduled blogs. I have not crafted in almost 2 weeks. And yesterday I didn't get near the computer because I spent the day with hubby celebrating our anniversary. Thank you guys for all the well wishes! We had a good day lunch , movies , no kids= bliss on your anniversary.
So for today I am going to share a tag that I received from 2 wonderful ladies. Denise ( see I didn't forget I bet you wondered huh?)and Wendy.

Here's the tag:

I have to go into my picture files and open the 6th folder and pick the 6th photo, then tag 6 others

This is my daughter Michelle doing her Tae Kwon Do test for her yellow belt. I love these pictures becuse my daughter has no coordiantion whatsoever. her instructor was always yelling her name and shaking his head. But he loved his kids!

I think everyone I know has been tagged with this so if you haven't been consider yourself tagged!

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