Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birthday Party Anyone?

The most down to earth woman I know has turned 80. She lost her husband when my youngest uncle was an infant, raised 7 kids as a single mom, and has enough love that none of her Grandkids has ever felt left out or unloved, but definately has no qualms about telling us when we are screwing up. She is a remarkable woman. I know 80 is just a number but I can not fathom not having her here some day. I am glad I got to go see her for her birthday. The guest of honor by her "cake".Her grandkids and great grandkids helping her blow out her candles. She loved the quilt. When we were talking she said I hope you didn't buy me anything my years are short and it is just something that will just have to be given away. I can tell you I was relieved that I know she would keep this close!

The Morales clan that were there. There are many more of us!

This is how we keep mimaw young ,Eric is making her throw it up gangsta style!

Side note today is my 11th anniversary to Chris. Man it doesn't seem like 11 years I mean really? So wonder what we will do today to celebrate!

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