Monday, December 8, 2008

My appt today

Well ok I can share what I am going through here lately now. Quick medical history , my TOM (time of month) as a teen was never what I would call regular. I could go a year without one. So here I am 3 kids later and I have been ok since the birth of the youngest who is now 9. Well I was in a panic I am 2 months late. (oh ya and hubby has been neutered) So we know there is the chance that it may grow back one day .I mean I have joked with my hubby that we want another one for years. My biological clock finally stopped ticking, I was happy with where i am in life. Our dilemma was as excited as we would have been to have another child we weren't sure we could handle it financially. Then of course there is the disappointment of finding out it was negative if that was the case. So I have been a roller coaster of emotions of yes verses no. So I go in today and I have a negative reading so they have me on meds to "jump start" aunt flo and if that doesn't happen in 10 days. I need further testing. I mean it could just be perimenapause (lucky hubby I tell you), but I have a laundry list of medical problems that run in the family so now I get to worry about that. Then there's the fact my youngest dd didn't read positive on a urinalysis till month 4. Now aren't you guys so glad you read my blog? And that I can share all that? OHH by the way I know I have just hit post 100 so I am gonna try and do a fun giveaway just as soon as I get back into the swing of things!
merry christmas
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