Wednesday, December 3, 2008

a few (ok a lot) of my favorite things

Over at Thrifty Decor Chick she is having a few of my favorite things party! It can be anything so I have compiled my list so enjoy the trip into my inner brain! Hold on it may get bumpy.
First as you all know my all time fav. people ever is my dear hubby and kids! But I think you can see why I love my hubby, I think he's pretty hot!Next Is my love of all things cupcake and obsession with aprons here lately. Isn't it to die For?Then I am not one for name brand items but this just made my eyes gleam with joy when I saw it. It combines my love of sunflowers and the big purse I was needing at the time. I love this bag!Now here are few of my fav musical artists Micheal Buble, Harry Connick Jr , and Josh Groban. Thier voices amaze me and I don't know if anyone remembers this but I remember Josh's big break being on the tv show Ally Mcbeal(which is a fav tv show) ! I had never heard of him till then and it wasn't till months later Oprah had him on! OHH and I will confess my love for NKOTB here too! Loved them at 15 and still love em 20 years later! Not to mention they are soo yummy to look at Burning Heart

Donnie is still a hottie! Admit it you liked em!Now two of my current Tv shows (I already mentioned ally mcbeal) I love Love LOVVVEE the Ghost hunters. I get cranky when I miss it! Then The Biggest Loser...Talk about motivation. Well except the season right now. Vicky just pisses me off with her hatefulness. If you watch you know EXACTLY what I am talking about!

Now I will just list a few of my fav movies Gone With The Wind, Father of the Bride, Left Behind, I am Legend, and all the Fast and the Furious movies! I like pretty cars and well the first one may have to do with this guy!

href="¤t=tatty.jpg" target="_blank">merry christmas

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