Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ok so I am a day late but as I said before we were expecting my parents to come in yesterday and I still had sheets and rooms and costumes to get together so it has been busy! We were just going to take the girls trick or treating around the house, but a friend of ours from overseas invited us up to the boozaar in her town. It was really cool the businesses on main street were handing out candy and they closed off town square and different organizations had games it was a lot of fun. I even won the cake walk! A dozen cookies does not go far with 12 people around! Then we went trick or treating up there in Gatesville. We also had a lot of fun with my parents and auntie and uncle even if it was such a short visit. So short in fact my youngest started to cry when it was time for her po-paw to go. But I thought I would share some of our pics with you!

Michelle is Herminone

Kyla is a candy corn witch!

Kyla Seth Michelle William and Matt

Ropin cattle

Gateville Townhall I love it!

Trick or treating at the sheriffs dept.

Trick or treat!
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