Thursday, November 6, 2008

And a little something else!

My final card for my purse. I loved the pp and reallllly wanted to use it but didn't totally wanna over power it. I hope I succeeded.
Here is my purse all ready to go. As I was making this I pondered what in world am I gonna use this for? As I was preparing to take the picture my youngest daughter came in and said OHHH MOM THAT'S SO PRETTY! Then it hit me teacher's gift. So I think I will make a matching beaded pen, add some candy and a Barnes and Noble gift card and Voila! Of course now that means I have to make another one for the other teacher. Don't forget to head over to Bridgett's blog to see her finished purse.
Also Bev over at has great blog candy going on right now so hop on over for a chance to win!
Thankful 30
Today I am thankful for the miracle of modern medicine. I have had some serious sinus problems and migraines going on here the last few days. Without the pioneers of people in the field of science it would have been rough going. THANK YOU! for helping people all over the world cope with things from a simple cold to the worlds worst diseases. I don't think you guys get enough thanks.
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