Monday, October 20, 2008

What's on your reading list?

As I stated before I am taking a short hiatus from crafting. Gotta love that you can schedule blogs right! So anyway when I got to sit down on Sat night at 8 pm I decided to pick up my long awaited new Nicholas Sparks book. Awesome book I was done by Sun afternoon. So I am now also half way through Harry Potter and the half Blood Prince which I wanted to re read before the movie comes out. In case you haven't figured it out I LOVE TO READ! It is the best thing ever. Next to crafting of course! {wink} When my mom came to visit a few years back she saw my bookshelf and said you read all those ? My reply Mom you should have seen it before I got rid of a lot of them , not to mention my books that are still in your garage, so I thought I would ask what are you reading , if you like to read? What's on your reading list (hense the title for today)? I have a long list . I need to finish reading Son of a Witch and I want to read the third in that series about the Cowardly lion the title escapes me right now. I also want to read the Eragon series. I read Eragon itself and so I need to read books 2 and 3. Hard to tell I am mom of a teen and preteen huh? Then I am waiting patiently for the new Dragonlance book Dragons of an Hourglass mage to come out. There are quite a few Nicholas Sparks books I have not read including Night in Rodanthe. And I would love to try something new. Anything that you recommend? Let me know . Peace out!
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