Sunday, October 19, 2008

A very merry unbirthday! part deux

I really get a kick out of this pp from the dollar tree! It reminds me of birthday cupcakes and sprinkles and just joyfulness. The sets here are Pretty Princess and HIP HIP Hooray. The little girl was from Ambers mom,Lori, in a swap a long time ago and she just fit so perfectly. I went soft for the princess card and wanted a retro feel for the hip hip hooray card. I hope I captured them well. Have you ever gotten to the point where you are crafting and after days of it your brain literally hurts? I mean I think I am fairly smart not a genius by any standards, but apparently if the brain is a muscle it is truly out of shape like the rest of me LOL! I don't know how you demos do it! Kudos to you , you are my new unsung heroes. That being said I am taking a few days crafting hiatus. I am sure in that time the urge to scrap will hit. But for now I need a break! PEACE OUT!

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