Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fun photo day

So today I thought what would be fun for the entire family is a stroll down memory lane. My family does not know I did this so I am sure my hubby will wanna strangle me! But here's some photos of then and now!

First my darling husband at about age 6 and now at 35.

As you can clearly see he never grew up.

Next is me Here I am (with my older brother )at about age 6 also. Then me and my dear friend Cynthia.

I added my brother too so you can see him too. My aunt calls him Eddie Van Halen because they share the same first name and the dimples.

My son Ryan at the age of 2 and now total punk/ skater kid! Geez he was so blond.

The girls at ages 3 and 2 and last year at at 9 and 8.
My mom ages 16 and well I won't it away but now and Let me just say she is over 50!
This is the only picture I have of Chris's mom and dad wayyyyy back when. LOL
Here is Kenny now
Hubby definitely got his smile! And Gayna!
LOL I hope you had fun with this fun glimpse into our families and Just so you know I have 2 other brothers but mom is in possession of before pics, and as a reminder I can not share dads pics its a big no no with his job. He works in a national security type job so I can't have it up but let me just say hubby says dad in his older picture looks like fez from that 70s show and he has been compared to George Lopez now!

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