Tuesday, October 28, 2008

weekend pics

We carved our pumpkins this weekend. I was sick and miserable and it zapped the energy right out of me. I should be thankful I had not planned on a pumpkin patch this year. The kiddos had fun and thats the goal right? Plus on Sun we went to see High School Musical 3. So all and all not too bad a weekend for them.

Drawing the faces


of course the princess was leary of scooping guts
but she realized it was the best way to get em out.
This one didn't mind so much , she wanted to throw em at her dad.

Chris told me to strike a Betty crocker pose. LOL ya I was into it, but if I was looking at this I wouldn't think I was sick.

Michelle's pumpkin.

Kyla's pumpkin. Did you notice we are all in short sleeves? That's because here in Killeen we are still having upper 70 to 80 degree weather! I mean it is fall right? Ohh and another little hubby story for you. To get the kids in the mood I had put on Halloween music to carve pumpkins to. Hubby calls me corny at that point and laughs. The song I'm your boogieman pops on and he pulls out disco moves! And I am the corny one? Of course that starts the kids going and before you know it we have Saturday Night Fever disco dance going in the living room. AHHH family!

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