Saturday, October 18, 2008

An apology to family and friends!

When this blog first started it was a just a way for my family to know what was going on with us. Then I decided it would be fun to share my creations with everyone and that kinda took over and no one has heard much about family. So here is a second post today. First I want to thank my fellow sister Theresa for my awesome awesome goodie package! I now have a brayer to play with! I hadn't bought one because one our military pay has not been going as far lately with the price of everything going up so scrap and stamp stuff has been a no go here lately. I miss buying it ohh yes I do. I promise this is not a complaint , I know we have it so much better off then a lot of people and I am thankful we have the basics.

Now for something fun. With the fav family holiday of Halloween coming up we did something today that brough a lot of belly laughs. We made monster cupcakes!
Here is the family hard at work. For all who know Chris this is kinda not his thing but he had fun with it!
Upper middle cupcake is my Daughter Michelle's deranged vampire!
Middle bottom reminds me of Sloth from the Goonies ...GOOD TIMES!

Upper left hand side struck me as an alien from Star Wars .
Upper left is a witch like her wart? bottom left is one of Chris' favorites said wow that was good thinking. Bottom right is the dehydrated mummy that kyla made. You see where the laughter came in right?
My wonderful mother in law sent us these funny feet and Chris thought they would be cool as eyeballs! And this candy corn guy is my all time fave made me laugh so hard. Hubby has quite the imagination. You can almost hear " EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHTING"

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