Wednesday, June 20, 2007


What is it with siblings that brings out the worst in each other? I have to say that I went to work today surrounded by kids who seemed to get along with their sibs (ok I know this is a myth and they are being good cuz they wanna buy something but still). I come home to sounds of my hour isn't up yet and Ryan you're mean. OHH yippee all with a splitting headache because I am cutting caffine out of my diet again! SO I get the situation with the playstation straightened out and the buttheads go outside to jump on the trampoline forget the fact that it spent the last 30 min pouring rain and hailing and thunder. I was so not in the mood to cook so of course that means spaghetti for dinner because its quick , easy and everyone likes it. LOL ya so not that simple because of my headache I fell asleep on the couch . So dinner was late and Weds in the summer is my night for my guilty pleasure...watching Ghost Hunters. I love that show, but then weds are the day that the kids all decide they hate each other and can never stay quiet for more then 2 min with out yelling and if I have the show on during dinner I get yells of do we have to watch this? UMMMM how many episodes of ED, EDD , & EDDY , Foster's home for Imaginary friends, Camp Lazlo and various other crap have I sat through? So I am done with today. I want hubby home from Iraq to help me. I want to send the kids to grandma for the summer and have some peace man. If I only thought my parents could handle it!
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