Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tues the second day of the week!

Today is hot and i got to hang in the pool today with no rushing around no kids yellin I am bored!
What is it about summer that makes people so nostalgic? On that note here is the challenge for TTS remembering your first summer job!
My first job was at a movie theater in Las Vegas Nv right up the street from my house. Talk about the coolest job ever. I worked the consession stand so I got to hit up on all the hotties that rolled in, and the friends I made were awesome. One of the perks of having this job was we had private employee only veiwings of the big movies when they came out. So I was among the first to see Terminator 2 , Robin hood prince of thieves and let me tell you at the age of 16 being able to sign your friends and boyfriends into the hottest movies for free was a blessing we were never bored! I miss those days. The only sucky part of that summer was that was when I lost my first true love! But thats another story in an of itself!
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