Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guess I am stuck...

here in El Paso over the 4th . I was supposed to go to Lubbock for the holiday for a family reunion but for some reason none of the family is going to be there except the ones that live there. My grandma lives in the boondocks so I can't imagine putting my kids through that boredom. Not without other kids that would be like wicked of me. And maybe I don't have to be stuck maybe I will pack up the kids and take a trip. Albuquerque? San Antonio? Dallas? The only thing stopping me is the fact I am scared they are gonna yank money out of Chris paycheck so I am scared to spend a dime. Another story in and of itself. And then Chris should be home (knock on wood) for his R&R in Aug and maybe I should just save the money for that so we can go have fun with the daddy. What to do? what to do ? what to do? I am up for suggestions!
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