Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The impact of having a planner

I used to love my Dilbert Dayrunner planner. He stayed faithfully with me through high school. Then I had kids, then I moved to a foreign country where I didn't work and just raised them. He wasn't as useful anymore. He's still around in the capacity of an address book. I fell out of the habit of needing him. This last month I tried to revisit him and bring him back to life. Unfortunately, his parent company just didn't have anything to suit what I needed. Bummer I would have loved to use all his bells and whistles then it hit me. I really don't them. 

    Now with the movement towards planners and binders, I love me some of the companies out there. Again though, I just don't need all the detail planning that these companies offer. Lovely Bridgett said lets make our own. Well, I researched it and the problems I had were 1. just about EVERYTHING is printed on 8x10 format & 2. the few I did find for smaller sizes would still need a binder and this thing lives in my purse. Ladies you all know what abuse we put our things through in our purses and bags. A binder just wasn't going to work. 

Let me show you what I found that works for me. First some supplies, I decided on these 4 colors to use with my awesome calendar stamp set.

The set was given to me after a friend decided she no longer wanted it and I didn't think I would find a lot of uses for it but I made it hang around. Good thing too.They are the perfect size.

My only requirement was it had to have a monthly and a weekly calender.I had so much going on that a monthly just wasn't going to cut it. I found this beauty at Target for $7.99. 
The front of the cover slides out so I can personalize it with the crafty stash! YAY! Until I do though the manufactured one is pretty. I made 3 paper clip markers to mark sections off some areas of my binder.
I love that the tabs are monthly...and that the cover extends beyond them so no accidents to rip them off.

First, inside the cover I have my stickie note pad Bridgett made for me and the front page I use as a dashboard of sorts.

This planning page I believe I will use to jot blog ideas. I don't need a lot of room for that because as long as I don't forget the idea I will be ok.
Next is the monthly calendar where I stamp and color coded important things. I also highlighted all the holidays. Here I will just do a quick note , like Dr. Dentist etc
Then in the weekly I will write the important details....

There is another planning guide in the back and I plan on using that for ideas for possible you tube videos but I did such an awful job on the last one I may never do another one!

Some note pages and on the back of the last page I have my most frequently used addresses for quick on the go mailings.
The binder clip in the back holds important paper work
As an added bonus I can take this out when I get home and write the important things on our family calendar. That way even my husband can't say he doesn't know what I have going on!

There it is my planner and how I try to keep it all flowing together. Do you use a planner? If so whats your favorite brand?

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