Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Snowman Snowstorm

Why is it when it comes to Christmas cards I am not happy unless there is some form of glitter on it?
I usually reserve the sparkly for girlie kinds of things. Then I love snowflakes for Christmas cards too. Maybe I am just ready for snow, although I am told Washington is not going to get any snow this year. That due to our unusual dry summer we will be having a dry winter. I mean after all we just started to get rain in October. September is usually when the rain starts.

Enough of playing weatherman, I just layered a kraft base with a snowflake pattern paper and my image from the Stampin Up set, Jolliest time of the year, grey bakers twine, some glitter flakes and easy peasy! I think I an even almost done with my Christmas cards for this year.

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