Monday, March 17, 2014

How Sweet it is..

Whoa! I had a few minutes to share the Sweet 16 pictures of my daughter and only 2 days after the fact. 

Her decor was simple. I wanted to go more elaborate but I procrastinated until ohhh a day before. I know bad mommy.

She wanted an anime theme and since there is nothing for that we went kind of an Asian them with black, white, and red for her colors. We got some japanese candy and treats to share with everyone.

We Even had rice krispie sushi.

Her cake that I made in her colors.

The only decent group shot to be had...teens don't sit still for long..


I hope the kiddos had fun and that her birthday was amazing for her!  She is such an awesome kid and she totally deserved it...which means as soon as I say that she's gonna do something to make me regret saying that...LOL.
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