Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Camera love

I have been obsessed with the idea of custom camera straps for awhile now. I wanted something other then the rough fabric/plastic of the ordinary strap against my neck.  True to her throw yourself into your passion ways, Cynthia pinned this tutorial/idea of someone using mink.....HMMM. Could it be worth it?  I hate my neck being hot with a badly would it make me sweat? With my doubts I forged ahead and went to joanns for some mink and VIOLA! MY Star Wars Camera strap was born.
 I will say this, I went for a bumpless mink. I wanted something my husband wouldn't be afraid to wear. Working with mink in my sewing machine....nightmare. That stuff slips and slides like it was a greased monkey on a waterslide. I also did all my sewing to the inside. I like the way it looks. The biggest pro OMG the thing feels awesome on my neck! Even my kids were like wow what an improvement. I have a feeling I will now have volunteers to take pictures for me!
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