Thursday, February 13, 2014

a little girlie

That is one of the themes for my swap group. I will be honest. It has been YEARS since I have done cards for a little girl. I didn't think I had any more little girl stamps left. I debated even using this one , but decided let's go old school Stampin' Up (again).  
 Side note: What does little even mean now days? I think of toddler to like maybe 7 then the tween age kinda starts because few 8 year olds still like My little pony, princesses and the like. After that you can start making older looking cards. I was a bit confused on the ages to make it for so I went for very young. End Side note

There is actually faint patterns on the strips of white but so faint my camera couldn't pick it up. I even went with on older favorite color and pink. I must be feeling the retro vibe or something.
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